Welcome to the Legacy Real Estate Group Buyers Blog. Here you will find blog posts that contain information on the home buying process here in Austin. Here at Legacy, we want the home buying process to be smooth and enjoyable. Therefore, we know educating our clients is extremely important. Scroll down and take a look at the different topics and feel free to read through it all.

We would love to help make the home buyer process as seamless as possible, so if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

What is an Option Period?

  The Option Period in Texas serves as a security blanket of sorts for home buyers. It is a set number of days in a real estate contract that the buyer can choose to cancel the contract within. The contract can be ended for a certain price without the risk of...

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I Bought a House, Now What?

Homeownership is a big, new, and exciting stage of many people’s lives. Along with this milestone comes many responsibilities that don’t cross many new homeowners minds. We are here to help clear the air and start with the basics that come after all the boxes are...

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Ten Reasons to Buy a Home in Austin

#1 Economy  Austin has a very strong economy and continues to grow! One way you can tell how well a cities economy is doing is by measuring unemployment rate and job growth. Austin is well above average in both categories and new companies are moving their head...

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Buying vs. Renting

Well, how many times have our parents or money gurus told us this one before? It’s actually a pretty easy concept to understand once you really dive into the numbers because numbers and correct math don’t lie like Shaggy did when he said: “It wasn’t me.” All jokes...

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Best Restaurants in East Austin

The food scene has definitely been expanding in East Austin in the past few years, and some amazing spots have popped up. This area has become known for having some of the most unique food options in all of Austin. With soo many restaurants, its hard to narrow it...

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Sixteen Steps to Buying a Home in Austin, Texas

Buying a home can bring many emotions to a prospective home buyer, and at Legacy Real Estate Group we pride ourselves on making it a wonderfully smooth experience that is enjoyable from start to finish. How do we achieve such happiness throughout the experience from...

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REAL ESTATE INVESTING Reasons why I should invest in real estate: Passive income (mailbox money) Appreciating assets (equity build-up) Diversification of investment portfolio (tangible assets) Tax advantages (1031 exchange treatment and tax code write offs for...

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